3 a.m Challenge…WHAT THE HECK!?!?!?

So, pretty much everyone knows what the 3 a.m. challenge is…an’ I just don’t get why. ( unless you don’t know what the 3 a.m. challenge is, if you don’t, look it up.) I don’t get why you would do it. I don’t get why you would make it up. So ( as you can tell,) I don’t like it. At all. And here’s why!😄😗

1# Umm..evil spirits?!?! There have been so many of my friends who try to get me to believe that there REALLY are evil spirits and that I just HAVE to play ouija with them. Well, all of my friends, no…just NO. There is so much proof that there are no such thing as evil spirits! This isn’t the 14th century, people!!!

2# Second of all, it’s at 3 a.m. If there was such thing as evil spirits, and I was the leader of them, I would definitely not pick 3 IN THE MORNING!! I’M TRYING TO SLEEP!! Choose like, 2 in the afternoon. 3 a.m. is a time when no one is really awake, so there isn’t really a point to doing all of this.

That’s all I got, but if you have more reasons please comment them below.

— Valentina

For my friend, Tori ( Only for Tori )

Dear Tori,

Thank you so much for being a great friend, even though we have only known each other since the begining of the year, we have been close.

I’m so glad that today we got to hang out ( even though we both got wet, and you ruined your converse ) I love your house Barkley!

I ate my lazerpop, but you took your time ( you ate it so slow!! ) I hope you like my blog.

I’m sorry that ddisonAay is kind of bossy… she really is. I don’t really want to be in the play, honestly. Your room is so cute, even though it is sooo pink. Your mom so nice, and I love the cookies we made, even though I left them in my car.



Christmas : Why The Holiday is So Good

So mostly everyone agrees ( unless you don’t celebrate Christmas or just don’t like Christmas ) Christmas is a great holiday. ( In my opinion, at least. )

1# Christmas is great because a lot of good kids get presents. If you work hard at school and are very nice to everyone and try your very best, it all pays off.

2# Christmas is a time of giving and people all over the world receive and give gifts to others. It is also a time of rest ( at least, for me it is ) and the break for the holiday from school is the best time to sleep in and take it easy.

3# You are celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Ummm… that’s it.

I hope you agree…I know I LOOOVE Christmas!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I know most of the time I don’t seem very happy, but I am. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, and I just wanted to say to all my readers ( or just my Auntie Jennifer and my Uncle Jeff )

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! ( even though it already passed )

What Life Would be Without My Family

We all get angry at our family. We storm off and wish they were at a friend’s house, or somewhere else. But have you ever wondered what life would be like without them? I didn’t before, but ever since I have, I won’t ever wish they were gone again.

If I didn’t have my parents, I could be homeless. I might’ve had to live with a relative like my aunt or uncle. I wouldn’t have the comforting hug of my mother or father. I wouldn’t have the cringey ” dad ” jokes they make, or the good meals they cook.

If I didn’t have my siblings, I would be lonely. If I had known what life would be like with siblings, I would have been sad for the life I could’ve had. I would not have anyone to relate to me, or anyone to play games with on a rainy day.

I hope this made you think. I would miss out on SO much if I didn’t have my family. Do you think the same?

Ways to Be a Good Friend

This blog is for the people who need help getting more friends or want to be a better friend. I am only doing this because I have a friend who could definitely be a better one. First, I’ll tell you how to tell if your friends are annoyed at you.

1# If they give you glares, or they start pushing their mouth up they are annoyed at you. 2#If they start talking to you with a tone, or ( now, everyone should know this one…) they start to groan when you say something. 3# If they start to whisper and then say they can’t tell you, they SERIOUSLY are annoyed.

Now I’m going to talk about what to start to act like to see if they are nicer to you.

Start to be nicer. Don’t call them names, especially names like ” idiot ”, ” stupids ” and ” Do-do’s ” This will guarantee that they will stop liking you .

Don’t yell all the time ( I am specifically writing this for one of my friends because she does all of the ones I am listing. I’m not sure how she still has any friends.) Most of your friends will walk away and try to leave to get away from the noise.

Don’t be rude by cutting in between two friends sitting together, and don’t interrupt someone when they are speaking.

Thank you for listening, and if you are one of those friends, try to listen to what I wrote.

Great Activities For Kids

There are a lot of great and activities for kids out there, but most of us just don’t know it, or are too lazy to care. I’m here to send out some quality activity ideas so you won’t be too bored.

1# Swimming. Swimming is a great activity because it exercises your body, it cools you down, and it’s fun. Another great thing about swimming is that you can learn whenever you want to, so if you want to learn to swim you won’t have just one chance.

2# Writing. This is a great activity because it let’s you be creative and you can write whatever you want to. You could do a fantasy story, a realistic fiction story, a nonfiction story, or even a narrative. You can even add in picture. Writing can also be used for cards, and notes to a family member or a friend.

3# Drawing. That is a good activity for kids because it let’s them express their feelings and be even MORE creative than writing. It lets them do whatever they want, and it can sometimes be used later in life for work ( or something like that…)

I hoped you liked my three activities. maybe you might use them, or a kid might use them. I just think that they are healthy for your mind and body, but they are also fun.