Here is the ‘Life’ part

Here is my perspective on life. Life is hard, but easy. One day there is sun, and happiness, then the next there is rain and gloom. But, as people, we have to adjust. I know, that with practice, we all can make our time better. And if we all just once, just ONCE, decide to […]

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Dear Mom,

So, first, thank you for reading this. Secondly, you need to clarify our summer. I have no idea when we’re going somewhere. Also, I need you to clarify your schedule, because last week you were said “Oh, I’m getting home at 7:00! ” Now this week you told me that you are getting home at […]

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My Perspective On Homework

Okay, I know you guys are like ‘Oh, of course she hates homework! All kids do! ‘ Well…all I can say is that is true. But, I have good reasons to think homework is bad. Homework can take away time from your family and groups. One of my friends ( she shall remain nameless ) […]

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A Little Side Note…

NOTE: Everyone, so my Abuelo recently had a heart attack and I have a request for everyone who reads this: Can you guys please pray for him? Because I really don’t want any more bad things to happen to him. Thanks.

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School Kid: Stereotypes

There are SO many stereotypes about kids at school. I’m going to list them, and point out what’s wrong and outdated about them and you’ll read. Most likely. The Class Clown : Honestly, this person is portrayed horribly in books and movies. The class clown is FUNNY to everyone in these movies and books. But, […]

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The Can List

I just did a Can’t List, so I thought that I would do a Can List. Kids really can do so many creative and cool things without some adult helping them do whatever it is they are doing. First of all, us kids can start a small business like the most common in my neighborhood, […]

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The Can’t List

Now, I know that kids aren’t all that independent. Kids do need help from one time to another. But, ( now this is a big but ) kids aren’t all that helpless either. But for now, I’m staying on what we can’t do alone. ( Or sometimes at all.) First, we can’t choose the food […]

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