5 things you should NEVER say to your kids

5. ” You’re such a disappointment.” NEVER say this to your kids because it REALLY discourages them, and they could come to hate you for saying that. Honestly, you really ought not to say this because it is VERY disrespectful.

4. ” I don’t believe you.” You should not say this to your kids because just knowing their parent or guardian believes in them makes them feel good, and motivates them to finish whatever they are doing and it makes them feel like their ideas are good.

3. ” Why can’t you be more like your brother/sister? ” Comparisons are just a waste of your precious time. All it does is make your kids sad or mad at you. This also glorifies the other sibling, and they will probably tease, make fun of, or brag to the sibling who was told that.

2. ” Nothing.” This is one of the worst punishments you can give to your child. It makes them feel as if they did something so horrible and that they deserve it. And most of the time parents, when using the silent treatment, will give frowns instead of words

1.” You’re a bad kid.” Saying this to your kid really makes them sad and mad, and they will probably start crying. Do you want a crying child? I would not.

Well, these were 5 Things Not To Say To Your Kid.

Here is the ‘Life’ part

Here is my perspective on life. Life is hard, but easy. One day there is sun, and happiness, then the next there is rain and gloom. But, as people, we have to adjust. I know, that with practice, we all can make our time better. And if we all just once, just ONCE, decide to think about other things than work and school, life could be so much more colorful.

Here is my perspective on life. Life is ugly, but beautiful. One day you have a best friend, then the next you don’t. But, we have to cope. We might be THINK we are alone, but we are not. None of us are. In life,we will have problems. But we can solve them. We will see things we cannot buy, and we will get jealous. But that is okay, because it is natural.

Here is my perspective on life. Life is only what you make it. Life is only what you think it is.

Dear Mom,

So, first, thank you for reading this. Secondly, you need to clarify our summer. I have no idea when we’re going somewhere.

Also, I need you to clarify your schedule, because last week you were said “Oh, I’m getting home at 7:00! ” Now this week you told me that you are getting home at seven.

Honestly, I think that a lot of single parents do not clarify things on the family’s schedule, and their own. So all this is, is a little reminder.

My Perspective On Homework

Okay, I know you guys are like ‘Oh, of course she hates homework! All kids do! ‘ Well…all I can say is that is true. But, I have good reasons to think homework is bad.

  • Homework can take away time from your family and groups. One of my friends ( she shall remain nameless ) has dance like, twice a day, and for about an hour and a half ( I think! ) and also has to do a lot of homework! Yes, she does have a little extra time, but that time is mostly spent going to her siblings’ things! Then, she has to do the whole routine all over again.
  • Homework does not teach. What I mean is teachers give homework to practice what they taught in the day, not to reteach. A lot of kids don’t get what the teacher teaches in the day, and when kids come home and start their homework, they don’t get it. And because homework doesn’t reteach, these kids won’t learn that lesson until someone else can reteach them.
  • Homework does not tell you which way you are supposed to do the lesson, so if a kid is doing the lesson wrong, he or she will not know it, and they will keep doing it the wrong way until someone corrects them.

So these are some reasons homework is bad, and I hope my teachers are reading this, and take my advice.

How To Tell If A Kid Is Annoyed With You : A Guide For Adults (And Probably Some Kids)

A lot of the time, kids get annoyed with adults and sometimes we don’t like to tell them that we ARE annoyed. ( But, then again, most of the time kids tell adults.) So here is a guide to tell if a kid is annoyed with you.

One of the signs is, if you’re doing something with a lovely, innocent child and you happen to catch a glimpse of an unkind frown or glare, they are annoyed. So, you can either ignore them or ask them why they are annoyed.

Another one of the signs is If you say…maybe…’no’ to a kid when it was something that they really wanted, and you turn away and feel a hairy eyeball, a cold shoulder, or a fist shake behind you. ( It is definitely the kid.) Honestly, this is so OBVIOUS, you should not even have to have me explain it.

Another sign is if they just act kind of rude, or they act overly cheery. If they act rude, they are probably annoyed with something you did or said. If they act overly cheery, they are either being sarcastic and pretending that you didn’t annoy them, or they are doing a freakishly bad job of pretending nothing bad happened.

So those are three ways to tell if a kid is annoyed for all you adults who for some reason are clueless about kids, and also for some MAJORLY clueless kids.

School Kid: Stereotypes

There are SO many stereotypes about kids at school. I’m going to list them, and point out what’s wrong and outdated about them and you’ll read. Most likely.

The Class Clown : Honestly, this person is portrayed horribly in books and movies. The class clown is FUNNY to everyone in these movies and books. But, back here in reality, they are VERY annoying to everyone, and are only funny and ‘cool’ to their friends.

The Suck-Up : This person in movies is pretty much actually how it is in reality… well, except most of the time, in movies, the suck-up insults their rivals ( which in movies are mostly boys that they think are annoying ), and for some silly reason, is mostly a girl. ( Which I find kind of offensive because I happen to be a girl, and none of the girls I know are suck-ups.)

The Nerd : The nerd nowadays is just a smart kid, and usually doesn’t really get picked on. In books and movies, the nerd is the kid with glasses that have tape in the middle, and wears a white dress shirt with a bow tie tucked into black pants. Or they are the kid who dresses weird, and no one plays with at recess.

The Normal Kind Of Weird Back Round Kid Who Ends Up Being A Main Character: This person pretty much doesn’t exist in reality, but they do in movies. This person pretty much does whatever the movie, script, and director tell them to.

These three stereotypes for kids at school are the main ones, but there are many more. These were three stereotypes that have outdated and wrong description, in movies and books.