The Can List

I just did a Can’t List, so I thought that I would do a Can List. Kids really can do so many creative and cool things without some adult helping them do whatever it is they are doing.

First of all, us kids can start a small business like the most common in my neighborhood, lemonade. I would start this business because I need some extra cash. Other kids might just because, or because they want to buy something and they don’t have enough moolah to get whatever it is they wanted.

Another example is that kids also can cook and bake. ( Well, I can and most of my friends also can.) My mom doesn’t have to worry that in the morning making waffles I set the waffle maker on fire. My mom also doesn’t have to worry that maybe at a gathering or party I might accidentally also set the oven on fire trying to bake some delicious chocolate-chip cookies.

Next, most kids can build things on their own. Me, one of my sister’s, and one of my cousins love building things ( and smashing things, but that has nothing to do with building) and then showing them off. Building things give us a sense of accomplishment and happiness. It also allows us to let all our creativity out and express through building towers and things like that.

Those are some things most kids can do, and there are much, much more. So, adults, kids don’t always need your help to get things they want done, done. Help them if they need it, but if they don’t, just…well…don’t.

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