The Can’t List

Now, I know that kids aren’t all that independent. Kids do need help from one time to another. But, ( now this is a big but ) kids aren’t all that helpless either. But for now, I’m staying on what we can’t do alone. ( Or sometimes at all.)

First, we can’t choose the food in our meals. At least when we’re little. ( But then again, most of my siblings are health nuts, in a good way, and don’t like eating treats.) We can’t because adults don’t trust us to eat the right, healthy things. Honestly, I cannot blame them for thinking that because we probably wouldn’t.

Next, we can’t drive. ( This one really should be obvious) The law prevents us from doing it. Probably because we would be crazy drivers, but hey, it would make life interesting.

Then, we can’t work in an adult’s job. Why? Because of a little thing called child labor laws. Personally, and I think I speak for all lazy children like myself, I think that is one of the best things to ever happen to big-mama Earth.

Those are some injustices us kids can’t do. ( Well, accept the child labor stuff.) But of course, there are many more things the law and our parents say not to or let us do.

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