School Kid: Stereotypes

There are SO many stereotypes about kids at school. I’m going to list them, and point out what’s wrong and outdated about them and you’ll read. Most likely.

The Class Clown : Honestly, this person is portrayed horribly in books and movies. The class clown is FUNNY to everyone in these movies and books. But, back here in reality, they are VERY annoying to everyone, and are only funny and ‘cool’ to their friends.

The Suck-Up : This person in movies is pretty much actually how it is in reality… well, except most of the time, in movies, the suck-up insults their rivals ( which in movies are mostly boys that they think are annoying ), and for some silly reason, is mostly a girl. ( Which I find kind of offensive because I happen to be a girl, and none of the girls I know are suck-ups.)

The Nerd : The nerd nowadays is just a smart kid, and usually doesn’t really get picked on. In books and movies, the nerd is the kid with glasses that have tape in the middle, and wears a white dress shirt with a bow tie tucked into black pants. Or they are the kid who dresses weird, and no one plays with at recess.

The Normal Kind Of Weird Back Round Kid Who Ends Up Being A Main Character: This person pretty much doesn’t exist in reality, but they do in movies. This person pretty much does whatever the movie, script, and director tell them to.

These three stereotypes for kids at school are the main ones, but there are many more. These were three stereotypes that have outdated and wrong description, in movies and books.

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