How To Tell If A Kid Is Annoyed With You : A Guide For Adults (And Probably Some Kids)

A lot of the time, kids get annoyed with adults and sometimes we don’t like to tell them that we ARE annoyed. ( But, then again, most of the time kids tell adults.) So here is a guide to tell if a kid is annoyed with you.

One of the signs is, if you’re doing something with a lovely, innocent child and you happen to catch a glimpse of an unkind frown or glare, they are annoyed. So, you can either ignore them or ask them why they are annoyed.

Another one of the signs is If you say…maybe…’no’ to a kid when it was something that they really wanted, and you turn away and feel a hairy eyeball, a cold shoulder, or a fist shake behind you. ( It is definitely the kid.) Honestly, this is so OBVIOUS, you should not even have to have me explain it.

Another sign is if they just act kind of rude, or they act overly cheery. If they act rude, they are probably annoyed with something you did or said. If they act overly cheery, they are either being sarcastic and pretending that you didn’t annoy them, or they are doing a freakishly bad job of pretending nothing bad happened.

So those are three ways to tell if a kid is annoyed for all you adults who for some reason are clueless about kids, and also for some MAJORLY clueless kids.


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