My Perspective On Homework

Okay, I know you guys are like ‘Oh, of course she hates homework! All kids do! ‘ Well…all I can say is that is true. But, I have good reasons to think homework is bad.

  • Homework can take away time from your family and groups. One of my friends ( she shall remain nameless ) has dance like, twice a day, and for about an hour and a half ( I think! ) and also has to do a lot of homework! Yes, she does have a little extra time, but that time is mostly spent going to her siblings’ things! Then, she has to do the whole routine all over again.
  • Homework does not teach. What I mean is teachers give homework to practice what they taught in the day, not to reteach. A lot of kids don’t get what the teacher teaches in the day, and when kids come home and start their homework, they don’t get it. And because homework doesn’t reteach, these kids won’t learn that lesson until someone else can reteach them.
  • Homework does not tell you which way you are supposed to do the lesson, so if a kid is doing the lesson wrong, he or she will not know it, and they will keep doing it the wrong way until someone corrects them.

So these are some reasons homework is bad, and I hope my teachers are reading this, and take my advice.

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