My Opinion On Clubs With Dumb Qualifications To Join

There are A LOT of clubs with dumb qualifications. Some of them are so dumb, I’m surprised these kinds of clubs still have members. They have these qualifications that, for some people, are IMPOSSIBLE to meet.

Run By Girls Clubs : Most of the time, these clubs don’t except boys. They think that they can tell boys,” Oh, you’re a boy, so you can’t join!” First of all, it is a Run By Girls Club, NOT a Girls Only Club, so you CAN except boys too. They will most of the time say that girls are smarter or better then boys, and I am SO over all this rivalry! I just want to be a kid, and not have to worry about some boy yelling to me that he’s better then me.

Run By Boys Clubs : This is pretty much the same thing as Run By Girls Clubs, except well….with boys.

______ Enthusiast Clubs : Those underscores are a blank, but most of the time some kind of enthusiast club won’t let other kids join just because they don’t know as much as someone else on something. Some of you guys probably disagree with me and think that this is okay, but it is just my opinion.

Those were some clubs with, to me, VERY dumb qualifications to join.

Some kids’ clubs are run by adults, not other kids.

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