The Difference Between Public Schools And Private Schools

Public schools and private schools have A LOT of differences, but there are 3 main reasons that make each type of school different, and I know what they are because I have been to both private and public school.

#3. Public schools have free dress, most private schools do not. Kids who grew up in public school mostly think that uniforms are HORRIBLE, but kids like me who have been to private school know that uniforms have their benefits, but I’ll save that for another post.

#2. You have to pay money to send your kid to private school, but public school is free. Private school can cost a little or a lot, and I guess that’s why most parents send their child to public school, and why principals at public school have to remember a lot more names.

#1.Public school have thousands of kids while private schools only have hundreds. This is mostly because private school can cost A LOT of money, but public school is free, close by, class starts later, and they’re many teachers in each grade.

Those were the three main differences between Public school and Private school, and so now when you need to decide which type of school to send your child to look at this.

Art class is a favorite subject for many kids

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