My Family’s Age Differences Divide Us

Okay, so most family’s have more than one kid. But in my family there are a lot of age differences, and that divides my family. ( Which I already stated in the title.) There are definitely 3 main reasons why we are divided. Follow along and see if this divides your family.

3# The schools. The third youngest sister in my family is about to start middle school, the second youngest sister and the one brother are in high school. My oldest sister is in college. Oh, and me? I’m still in elementary. Almost the same thing is the case with one of my relatives’ family. He’s in elementary, ( same grade as me ) the middle brother is about to start 7th grade, and the oldest is about to start high school.

2# The friends. Our friends have age differences too, but they act differently from an older sibling’s friend. One of my friend’s might play a game with me where we are animals or we are in school, but one of my older sibling’s friend would play a computer game with my sibling or a word game.

1# The jokes. We have different tastes in jokes in my family. Me and the second youngest in the family like the kind of dumb or meem kinds of jokes. the third oldest likes the jokes like this: CAPTION: when you’re friends being dumb. Then it shows a picture of your friend being dumb. The second oldest likes clever memes and pictures on social media. And the oldest like the kind of joke you have to read over and over again before you start to laugh.

So, those were the 3 main differences that age difference divides my family. If you can relate, please comment on my post.

When Kids’ Parents Are Gone: How We Feel ( This Sounds Like A Weird Dr. Phil Show)

When our parents are gone, we may look and say we don’t miss them, but we really do. My mom is actually in Ecuador right now visiting my Abuelo, and is getting home this Friday. ( The day after she comes home, we are going on a plane AGAIN.)

Whenever my mom is gone, I always miss her so much, and I can’t sleep super well. I always gets kind of upset. There are a lot of different feelings we can have when our parents are on a trip.

Kids like me and my sister miss them, and might even have trouble sleeping. My older sister sometimes gets upset, and gets worried. Kids like one of my sister’s friends ( she shall remain nameless ) doesn’t get worried or upset that much. This is because one of her parents is gone a lot, and she has experience so she knows how to deal with it.

Most kids want to go with their parent(s) but they already bought the ticket for THEM SELF. One thing that really ticks me off when my mom is gone is that my mom usually goes places with a time difference. In Ecuador, it’s 3 hours forward from where I live in California. I try to facetime her at 5:00 pm HERE but in ECUADOR it’s already 8:00 pm.

So just so you know parents your kids might really seem like they don’t really feel sad that you’re gone but they either really do miss you, or they actually don’t.