How To Tell If A Babysitter Is Bad Or Not : From A Kid’s Perspective

So adults, sometimes you hire not so great babysitters and us kids have to deal with it while you’re gone. I’m going to tell you little clues for finding a bad babysitter.( I know that there can also be good babysitters, but I’m sticking with the kind of bad ones for now.)

If your kids tell you they were in the bathroom for an hour, they either have diarrhea or are on their phone. I have a story to tell. So my family once had this babysitter like that. One time one of my dogs ( her name is Pepsi) ran out of the house because someone had left the door open, me and two of my sisters went out and took 15 minutes to get her, and the babysitter didn’t notice we where gone until we came back. ( But we told our mom and she fired that babysitter.)

If your kid writes on the furniture that they hate the babysitter, then you picked a bad one. Okay, these first two actually happened to my family. So One of my sisters, when she was a toddler had this babysitter. One day, my mom came home and saw that she had written on the furniture that she hated that babysitter. Everyone told my mom to fire her, so she did.

And lastly, if the babysitter says she knows how to cook a ” limited ” amount of food. This just means they can’t cook. Your kid will have to eat yogurt and ready-made macaroni and cheese. And hopefully they can wash the dishes, at least.

So this was ” HOW TO TELL IF A BABYSITTER IS BAD OR NOT: FROM A KID’S PERSPECTIVE” I hope you find these tips useful the next time you try out a new babysitter.

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  1. Hi Valentina its Kadi your penpal!Usually i don`t have to worry about that because i stay with my grandma or Godsister!


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