How To T.E.D

T.E.D is how to calm down when you are kind of freaking out at your kids, or at anyone else. I really hope this helps you calm down. ( I works for me, at least.) A lot of the times, we get angry, and that’s okay. But, this will probably help you not be to angry.

Think. Think about what you are doing. Will it benefit your happiness, or your relationship with the person you getting angry at? Does it make you feel good, or give satisfaction? Ask yourself these questions, and listen to the next letter.

Enlarge that thought and base your next move of of it. Study it, and then decide if you should think something better, or if that thought is nice enough. If it is a bad thought, enlarge a more positive thought.

Decide what to do next. If you still are angry, keep calming down and thinking. If you are pretty calmed, you can take action. Your next move is up to you, not anyone else, and then if you think it is a good idea, do it. If it then resolves the problem or at least makes it a little better, then you are done.

That was T.E.D, a way to calm down quickly when needed. I hope that this acronym helps, and that you use a lot more after that. ( Also, I made this up, so please don’t take all the credit if someone asks you.

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