Underestimating And Overestimating

Sometimes grown-ups tend to underestimate and overestimate us kids. My mom sometimes does both, like when she asks if I would like to do an activity, except it’s one for 6 or 7 year old’s. Or when she suggests we do something that either I can’t do, or it’s an activity for older people.

Please, PLEASE do not underestimate us. It makes most of us kind of annoyed, and it makes us feel like we are babies. Some kids like it, ( I have no idea who) but I am DEFINITELY NOT one of those kids. It makes ME feel like the grownup thinks that I’m kind of dumb.

Also please do not overestimate us. For me, it makes me feel like….. maybe I’m not enough, or it makes me feel bad that I have to tell a grownup I can’t do something because I don’t know how or are not capable. It also makes me feel like that grownup thinks that I’m OVERLY capable of the thing they asked me to do.

So parents, when you underestimate or overestimate kids, it kinda makes us feel bad in two different ways, and I hope you benefit from this article.

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