My Experience From Recently Switching A Grade Up

Okay, so my experience is different from other kids when i switched from third grade to fourth. When transfered schools the summer before third grade, I was not excited. Then that school year was my favorite and the best one I’ve had so far. I had the best teachers, and I made some genuine friends.

Then ….. it had to end.

The summer passed, and today was my first day of fourth grade. None of my friends from last year’s class were in my class. I am really not used to this because ( as I said in a different article ) I switched schools from a small, not very well known private school, and every year you got most of the kids from your last year’s class.

At the public school I go to, there are almost one thousand kids. At the private school I used to go to there were only about two hundred.

The thing that made my experience different was that at the private school I never really made a connection because I knew most of the kids would be in my next class. At public school, my first year, I didn’t mean to make a connection with that class. I just did. Now that I’ve started a new grade, with none of my friends from last year’s class in it, I’ll have to start all over making a connection. Or I might not make a connection at all.

So that is what makes my experience different. I will make some new friends, and probably some new enemy’s. I think I probably won’t like fourth grade as much as I liked third grade, but we’ll just have to see.

2 thoughts on “My Experience From Recently Switching A Grade Up

  1. Switching schools can be so scary, especially if you don’t have classes with people you know and have had classes with for years. You are definitely looking at it positively though. Change can be scary but it’s also exciting and gives you more opportunities in your life. Make the best of your change because change happens all the time and there’s no point in being negative about it. 😊

    Off topic, I was very shocked to find out your age. I was reading your blogs and you write well beyond your years which is amazing! Keep it up! You’ve got a dedicated follower in me. 😊❀️

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