My Opinion on VSCO Girls

There has been a recent fad to be a vsco girl, and almost all of my friends from my new school have decided to become one. This is my opinion on them. ( You can probably guess if I like it or not! Also, this will probably be a kind of short post, just so you know.)

So there is one thing I like about vsco girls. I like how they care about the ocean and plastic, because that really is a very serious problem.

The things I don’t like about vsco girls is that they are SUPER annoying. They use really old jokes, and think they are so cool and original, and think that everyone thinks they are so funny. Most of my friends make jokes, and give their hydroflasks’ names which I don’t think is actually very funny.

So you can tell that I don’t really like vsco girls, if you do, sorry!

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