Why There Shouldn’t Be School On the Day After Halloween

So if you live in the Temecula Valley Unified School District (which I do) you would know that there is a petition to not have school the day after Halloween. I, of course, agree with this and think ‘ Wow, maybe this could actually could happen!๐Ÿ˜‰’ And of course my readers, it probably won’t, but I’m just here to add a little extra effort into the idea.

Here are the reasons.

1# Kids would have a day to rest after a night of wandering around collecting candy, and would be able to stop the sugar buzz from the night before .

2# Kids wouldn’t fall asleep in class. If they DID have school the day after Halloween, all the sugar from all the candy would give them a sugar buzz all night, then it would wear out during the school day, and make them very tired. Tired enough, in fact, that they might even fall asleep.

3# For pleasure. Sometimes ( especially if you are a good student ) you just need some time to rest and relax and just have a home day. After a busy, tiring day like Halloween, you just need to lay down for an hour and take a nap or read a nice book.

I hope after reading this ( hopefully the school board is reading this ) you decide school SHOULD be cancelled the day after Halloween.

( P.S. If you want to sign the petition, go to change.org and look up ‘ No School The Day After Halloween’.)

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