Holiday Traditions: Thanksgiving

Halloween is dead and gone, say hello to Thanksgiving! We all should have fun celebrating Thanksgiving and being thankful for what we have. ( I know I may be cynical most of the time, but I love Thanksgiving.)

Holiday traditions are an important thing to all families. Traditions define the holiday, and how you celebrate it. Here are some ideas that you could use for YOUR Thanksgiving.

1# A Thankful Box. A Thankful Box is a box that you ( Or whoever ) writes , on a scrap piece of paper, a very specific thing you are thankful for that day. You could repeat this every day, once a week, or whenever you want to. Then, on Thanksgiving day, you open the box and read everything you put in there.

2# A Thanksgiving countdown turkey. With a Thanksgiving countdown turkey, every day you color in a section of the turkey. On Thanksgiving, you color the last part of the turkey, and a tradition is born!

3# A party. You could have a Thanksgiving party, and at this party you could read your Thanksgiving Box, and finish your turkey.

I hope you liked my ideas, and if you didn’t, well, that’s on YOU.

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