Great Activities For Kids

There are a lot of great and activities for kids out there, but most of us just don’t know it, or are too lazy to care. I’m here to send out some quality activity ideas so you won’t be too bored.

1# Swimming. Swimming is a great activity because it exercises your body, it cools you down, and it’s fun. Another great thing about swimming is that you can learn whenever you want to, so if you want to learn to swim you won’t have just one chance.

2# Writing. This is a great activity because it let’s you be creative and you can write whatever you want to. You could do a fantasy story, a realistic fiction story, a nonfiction story, or even a narrative. You can even add in picture. Writing can also be used for cards, and notes to a family member or a friend.

3# Drawing. That is a good activity for kids because it let’s them express their feelings and be even MORE creative than writing. It lets them do whatever they want, and it can sometimes be used later in life for work ( or something like that…)

I hoped you liked my three activities. maybe you might use them, or a kid might use them. I just think that they are healthy for your mind and body, but they are also fun.

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