Side Characters

I am a side character. When my older siblings have friends over, I sit and wait for them to leave, listening to their conversations. One of my sister’s, while another sibling had friends over told me that she was not used to this. She was not used to being along the lines. She was not used to be waiting…waiting for the waiting to be over. Waiting to be back in the limelight…sometime soon. She was used to being the main event. But this is what I’m used to. I’m used to be waiting for it to be over. Sometime, when my friend’s are over, I’ll be a main character and they will all be side characters.

Not being the one everyone focuses on is fine. But you get bored. You feel a bit less important.

This is the feeling of a side character. Not a bad feeling, and not a good feeling.

Goodbye…for now.

— Valentina

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