My Random Thoughts/Ideas (Part 2)

Why do so many chip companies only fill in half of the chip bag? I personally think that this is kind of stealing from the customer. We pay a full 1.99 for a HALF full bag of chips. Some companies say that they do this because they “don’t want to crush the chips”. Honestly, who cares if the chips get crushed or not? I mean, I know that if the chip bag was full some of the chips would fall out when you opened it, but that is okay!

That was part two.


For My Friend, Addison ( Only For Addison )

Dear Addison,

Thank you so much for being a such a great friend! We have only known each other for a short amount of time, we are pretty close. I’m so happy that I got to go to your birthday party, it was really fun.

I should have you over sometime, I’m glad you wanted to see my blog, it made me feel really good.

You are very funny, and are very thoughtful.



My Friend Kate’s Story Post

Hi everyone! My name is Kate and this is my story about dance. It all started when I was 2 years old, and my babysitter asked my mom if it would be okay to sign me up for a dance class at a studio just down the road. My mom was was so exited when she told her and immediately took me down to sign up.

So, it’s me, Valentina. Kate had to leave to go home, so she can’t finish the story. Sorry.

—Valentina and Kate

My Random Thoughts/Ideas

I have a lot of random ideas. So, now I just decided to write them down.

1# Why hasn’t anyone invented flying cars? Honestly, though. We figured out how to go to space, and how to make electric cars, so how did we NOT figure out how to get flying cars working? I mean, it must not too hard. If we can make rockets that go into space, we can probably make cars that HOVER above ground. Personally, I think people just gave up.

That’s it. Probably just part one.


Villain, Sidekick, or Heroine, What Am I? Quiz

I have always wondered if, in a movie, would I be a villain or a heroine? Have you ever wondered that? Well, now I think I can help you decide with a little quiz…

1# What is your favorite color out of these four? A. Black B. Yellow C. Purple D. Blue

2# What is your favorite kind of ice cream? A. Ice cream sundaes B. Normal, Ice cream in a bowl. C. Frozen Yogurt D. I don’t really like ice cream, it’s too sugary.

3# Which Frozen 2 song do you relate to most? A. “The Next Right Thing” B. “Into The Unknown” C. “Lost In The Woods” D. “All Is Found”

4# What is you spirit animal? A. Panther B. Panda C. Horse D. Giraffe

If you chose mostly A’s, you would be a Villain. If you chose mostly B’s, you would be a Heroine. ( Or a hero, if you’re a boy.) If you answered mostly C’s, you would be a Sidekick. If you answered mostly D’s, your would be a random citizen who is showed in one scene throughout the whole movie.


Happy New Year! 2020, Here I Come!!

Happy New Year to every one of my readers! ( Not that I have many…) I’m not SUPER ready for 2020, but I’m very exited. My sister is having one of her friends over, and she’s nice and fun. Honestly, I will probably be bored for a while. I will be staying up until midnight, are any of you?

Next year, in March I will turn 10 years old! Next year is also next DECADE!!! Isn’t that kind of crazy to think about? Well, Happy New Year!!