Villain, Sidekick, or Heroine, What Am I? Quiz

I have always wondered if, in a movie, would I be a villain or a heroine? Have you ever wondered that? Well, now I think I can help you decide with a little quiz…

1# What is your favorite color out of these four? A. Black B. Yellow C. Purple D. Blue

2# What is your favorite kind of ice cream? A. Ice cream sundaes B. Normal, Ice cream in a bowl. C. Frozen Yogurt D. I don’t really like ice cream, it’s too sugary.

3# Which Frozen 2 song do you relate to most? A. “The Next Right Thing” B. “Into The Unknown” C. “Lost In The Woods” D. “All Is Found”

4# What is you spirit animal? A. Panther B. Panda C. Horse D. Giraffe

If you chose mostly A’s, you would be a Villain. If you chose mostly B’s, you would be a Heroine. ( Or a hero, if you’re a boy.) If you answered mostly C’s, you would be a Sidekick. If you answered mostly D’s, your would be a random citizen who is showed in one scene throughout the whole movie.


Happy New Year! 2020, Here I Come!!

Happy New Year to every one of my readers! ( Not that I have many…) I’m not SUPER ready for 2020, but I’m very exited. My sister is having one of her friends over, and she’s nice and fun. Honestly, I will probably be bored for a while. I will be staying up until midnight, are any of you?

Next year, in March I will turn 10 years old! Next year is also next DECADE!!! Isn’t that kind of crazy to think about? Well, Happy New Year!!