Happy New Year! 2020, Here I Come!!

Happy New Year to every one of my readers! ( Not that I have many…) I’m not SUPER ready for 2020, but I’m very exited. My sister is having one of her friends over, and she’s nice and fun. Honestly, I will probably be bored for a while. I will be staying up until midnight, are any of you?

Next year, in March I will turn 10 years old! Next year is also next DECADE!!! Isn’t that kind of crazy to think about? Well, Happy New Year!!



I am ten years old, I have 4 siblings, 2 dogs, and I love to blog. I know most people think kids are dumb, but they really aren’t. We mostly just tend to listen and think. I am here to prove them wrong. Thank you. Goodbye 👋

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