My Random Thoughts/Ideas

I have a lot of random ideas. So, now I just decided to write them down.

1# Why hasn’t anyone invented flying cars? Honestly, though. We figured out how to go to space, and how to make electric cars, so how did we NOT figure out how to get flying cars working? I mean, it must not too hard. If we can make rockets that go into space, we can probably make cars that HOVER above ground. Personally, I think people just gave up.

That’s it. Probably just part one.


2 thoughts on “My Random Thoughts/Ideas

  1. I have wondered this too! I thought more about it though… What if flying cars were a thing? People can hardly drive a car without being reckless. Could you imagine what people would fly into? Power lines, houses, buildings and other planes. Could you also imagine how much worse an accident could be with a flying car? Lol my random thoughts.


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