The Age of Decadence

I know many of you must be thinking from this title, “Ummm, aren’t you a little young to be talking about, let alone Knowing about this?!?” Well, the answer is, no. No I’m not. Whoops, I think I just referenced Phineas and Ferb!

You know what? When I am done with this whole thing, someone is gonna be like,”so what will you do to stop it from happening?” Honestly, I think that there is not much we can do to stop it. We Just have to stop having so much comfort, and to stop staring at our devices. We are all just getting fat and old looking at tiny screens. ( Which is what I am doing writing this post.)

Have you seen the movie Wall-E? You know what happens to all the humans on the ship they have made for comfort? How they get incapable, and gross? We are not there, but that is what could happen.

But the fact that we KNOW that we know this gives us some hope to make it a lot better.

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