Great Ways to Communicate With Friends in Quarantine

You may be SUPER bored with no friends to hang out with and talk to, but there are more ways to communicate with them then seeing them physically. Here are some of them.

1# Snail Mail. Most of you have probably already started doing this like I have. Using the postal service is a great way to communicate because you have the excitement of checking the mail and seeing a letter with YOUR NAME ON IT!! You can always have fun decorating the letter and envelope with markers and colors. You can become pen-pals with your friends.

2# Car Trunks. You are probably confused and thinking “WOW, she’s really lost it.”, but here me out. If your parent or guardian and your friend’s parent or guardian says yes, you could both drive to the same place, open the trunks of the cars and sit in them, and talk to each other. I like this idea because you are actually seeing your friend, but you are not too close to each other.

3# Leaving notes on their doorstep. This option is much faster than mailing a letter to a friend, and they will most likely reply much quicker. It is pretty much ding-dong-ditching them, but with a purpose.

Thank you so much for reading, please comment any ideas if you have any.❀😊

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