Kids/Almost-Teen/Teen Shows I Recommend For Quarantine

Hi! So I know that during this quarantine, you have probably already watched all the shows that are popular. (Also, this post is just for kids and almost-teens and teens) I have some recommendations…even if a lot of people have watched them…

1# My Hero Academia: This show is very good, but the first two or three episodes are not the best. After the beginning, you will get so engrossed in this show. It is all about how a powerless boy becomes the greatest hero. You will have lots of trouble picking a favorite character because you will love them ALL. I HIGHLY recommend this show and give it five stars.

2# PSYCH: This show is from the early 2000’s, and is mostly for teens. It is all about a psychic detective with his sidekick/best friend who solve tons of cases, and it is very, very funny. The humor level in the show out of 100 is 110. It will surely make you happy and make you laugh, and you will love all the characters. I would give this show five stars, easy.

3# Phineas and Ferb: Even though this show is made for kids, it has humor that goes over most kids heads. The humor is very good, and even my mother and older siblings laugh very hard at it. A lot of people would never think to ever watch this show because it is for kids. In fact, some of my old friends made fun of it without ever getting the jokes. I would give this show five stars.

Thank you for listening.😊


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