Ideas for Halloween

Hello to whoever is reading this! This years Halloween will be much different than any other. I have some ideas for what to do!

1# Taking photos with costumes. Even though Halloween will not be the same, you can still take photos to remember this year and how you celebrated in quarantine.

2# Baking spooky treats with a few close friends with movies in the backround. When I bake, I usually have an audio book or movie on in the backround. You can bake cookies with the movie HOCUS POCUS or some movie that has something to do with magic or Halloween.

3# ‘BOO-ing’ neighbors. ‘BOO-ing’ someone means that you make a bag of candy or treats, and leaving it on your neighbors or friends doorstep with a note saying ‘You’ve been BOO-ed! Please enjoy these treats! :)’

Thank you for reading!


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