Kung Fu

Hi everyone, sorry I have been gone for a while. Nothing has really happened to me except these things: I got into Student Council (no one is really president or something, we are just the kids who HAVE to dress up for spirit days, and make the posters announcing spirit days.) and me and one of my sisters started Kung Fu!!

First of all, we have just started Kung Fu, so of course we are still on white sash. But, you have to get 3 stripes on your sash before you can get onto the next belt, and both me and my sister have gotten 1 stripe.

Next, we do a certain type: Choy Li Fut Kung Fu. I recommend doing Kung Fu, and for adults, you could also do Tai Chi, which many adults at our studio do. Kung Fu is actually really fun, and builds up a bit of muscle. But one thing is very annoying…

HORSE STANCES. Horse stances are a stance that you have to do sooooo many times in our Kung Fu. You have to spread you legs and bend your legs, and squat down. As our instructors say, “Everday is leg day!”


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