My Thoughts on Dental Stuff

Hello whoever is reading this! (Most likely only my Auntie and Uncle.) Just today me and my older brother went to the dentists office to get cavities filled. (I have a HUGE sweet tooth) I had 2 cavities filled, and I would like to describe my experience.

First of all, when I walked into the room, I was told to lay in the blue chair. I started to watch the movie ‘Moana’ about 1/4 through, and the dental hygienist gave me the laughing gas thingie. I was honestly very nervous because in ‘Little Shop Of Horrors’ the dentist dies because of too much laughing gas, so obviously I would be scared.

Then, after having the laughing gas on for about 20 minutes, (I think…) my dentist came in. He started putting gel on my teeth to make them sleepy. He checked to see if my teeth could feel pain for a while, and then he started drilling holes in my teeth. (I could feel the vibrating of the drill.) Then, he started to fill up my teeth. (At this point, I was very tingly all over because of laughing gas) he polished them and BOOM I was done.

Except, once he was done with me, I had to go to the bathroom SO bad. But of course, I have to get up slooooooooooowwwwlllyyyyy or else I will stumble. Once I get out, I immediately get to my mom and I walk to the restroom. Turns out I didn’t regain my composure fully, because once done with the bathroom, stumbled and fell on the stall door. How fun๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜‘

ANYWAYS… overall, I don’t actually hate the dentists office. I think that I don’t hate Dentist’s offices because when I was 6 I had 2 teeth pulled out, then when I was 7 I had 1 more tooth pulled. Neither of these hurt, they were painless, so that’s why I think that I don’t hate Dentist Offices.


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