The Fads In My Mind

Over this year long pandemic, my mind has taken interest in MANY different things. Some of these things include cassette players, actual music-playing cassette tapes, the whole cottagecore aesthetic, anime, (that one I don’t think I will be bored of for a long time) painting, ( I have now realized I am not much of an art person) wall-ball, boba, ( I am still VERY into boba tea, so much so that I am going to start making my own tea!) the whole kidcore aesthetic, and many, many other things.

Over quarantine, I have started to like SO many things that I used to despise people for liking. I used to think that people who like anime were total dweebs. Now… well, not so much. I used to think people who dressed in baggy pants and crop tops and bucket hats had terrible style. Now, I love that style.

I used to think that having a blog was one of those dreams that is wonderful, but still unatainable. Now, look where I am?

This makes me think, how come I used to want all the new tech gadgets, and now I am obsessed with older things like cassette tapes? How come I used to wear the most basic things and not do anything different for the most part, and now I do different things with what I wear, my hair, and other aspects of my appearance routinely?

I think it’s just because people change. Which is mostly good in my case, but sometimes I think back on me a long time ago (maybe even just a year ago) and I realize how much quarantine has changed what I like and the fads going around my mind.

Thanks for reading!


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