The Thing(S) About Middle School

Hello, whoever is reading this. I’m sorry I haven’t written in a while, but, you know LIFE happens.

Anyway, I am now in middle school (as you know from my last post) and I am about to enter my 7th-grade year! When entering my 6th-grade year, I thought that middle school would be just how the media portrays it. The media and others around us have fed the idea that middle school is utter hell and that the kids there have no conscience.

Well, I am here to talk about this opinion. It is partially true. Middle school is 3 times harder than elementary school and the kids there seem to have ZERO conscience. BUT…there is something to be said about middle school. The teachers that teach there (at least at my school) care a lot about what they teach us. Because they zero in on a single subject that they specify, they know a lot more and are able to teach much more in less time.

The kids there, however, are quite… interesting. I have seen that kids there are pretty rude most of the time and seem to dislike teachers just for doing their job! I have met many of these types of kids, but also I made a lot of friends during my last year. I became closer to my old friend group and overall had a good 6th-grade year.

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