Hello. I haven’t written here in QUITE some time, and usually, I forget about this blog, but (for some unknown reason) today is different.

I came home from school, ensured all my homework was done, and sat on the couch to watch TV. Then I kept watching TV. For three and a half hours. That may not sound like such a long time, but it is for me.

I realized I actually don’t want to spend all my free time watching TV, so I decided to get on here and write something.

So, I started 7th grade and now have less than 3 months left (Woohoo!), and one thing I have realized is that teachers tend to stick the quiet GIRLS next to the loud BOYS. This wouldn’t be a problem to me if it wasn’t always the quiet GIRLS.

In one class, specifically, there are a lot of loud boys who tend to speak their minds whenever they feel like it. The teacher of this class likes to sit the quiet girls (myself included) next to these boys. We have a lot of quiet boys too, but somehow they always get to sit by other quiet kids.

So far, all of my seats this year have been next to loud boys (save the exception of one loud girl) and I am tired of it. Why does my teacher think I will be a good influence on them? So far, the people I have sat next to talk even MORE because I try not to talk back.

I think teachers should abandon this tactic because it is OBVIOUSLY not working.

-Valentina ๐Ÿ™‚

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