How To Have Fun In Summer And Make Money While Still (Kinda) In Quarantine

OK, let me get this out of the way. I am not going to suggest some random DIY ideas.

Now that I have said that, we can get on with it. 1# Start a blog. I may be a little bias, but it is sooo exiting, especially when you first start out. On (which is what I use) starting a blog costs money, so this year I started to sell my clothes on kidizen to make some money. It is an app for moms, so my mom made me an account in her name. So if you decide to use kidizen and find my account, don’t be surprised that the bio sounds like a mom and not a 10-year-old kid.

2# Maybe you have a dog who needs to be trained but you never had the time (a.k.a, Poe, my dog) Now you pretty much have endless time! I use the trick where you hold treats in your fist and hold them close to the dogs nose. Then you tell them “sit” and when they do, say “stay” and if they stay for at least 3 Mississippi give them the treat. (The reason I am including this one, I am going to ask my mom to pay me to train our dog, it is definitely much more than a chore. He is a super hyper English bulldog.)

And finally…3# Make ice cream at home. It’s summer! It’s gonna be hot! Even if you don’t have an ice cream maker, you can still make ice cream. Here is a link to a good website:


Recently… (This Is Going To Be A Short Post)

Recently, as many kids are, I have been watching a lot of YouTube. And because I am not one of those children who likes to keep up-to-date with their favorite youtubers, I just watch whatever comes up on my feed.

And because of that, I will watch a ton of old videos from 2018 to 2013. So if I ever give advice on which youtuber to watch, they WON’T be that hot new upcoming star.

Anyways, I was watching videos from one of my favorite youtubers that came out in 2018-2015. I found this fairly new video (it was posted in March) about working from home. Then I spotted another video. The first line the youtuber said was: “Now I know 2018 was trying, but…”

All I can say to that in 2020 is…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜œ

Happy Anniversary, Blog!

Hi guys! I know I am 2 days late but… HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! May 27 was my 1 year anniversary with this blog. Isn’t it great? I will leave links to all my posts from 2019 in the next paragraph, then in my next post I will put the rest of the links. (It’s going to be a long paragraph.)

Wow! And that’s just 2019’s posts! Well tune in next time to get the 2020 blog post links.

Good Things In Quarantine In a Bad News World

1# People have come up with a lot of things to do instead of spending tons of money going places or watching TV. Things like water coloring, reading, writing πŸ˜‰ , art, gardening, and cleaning.

2# People are getting closer with the people they are stuck with. I am really appreciating my family members and how they help me and their good qualities. You can figure out things you like to do with them, and can make a lot of memories.

3# People are testing out things to do instead of getting fat in front of a screen (which is what I am doing writing this) People are having hobbies and are figuring out their passion.

Thanks for listening guys!😊 Good Things In Quarantine In a Bad News World might become a series in quarantine!


New Humans In Your Family

When one of your family members (even if they are not immediate) has a baby, you can either feel super happy, or super not-so-happy. My cousin Gaby just had a baby. She had a baby boy, but I am going to make up a name for him so he doesn’t get revealed. Let’s call him…Rafael.

Now, for me I was so happy when I was told. But for a lot of people, if anyone in their family has a baby it can be a bad thing to them. They can feel a little neglected or maybe angry at the person who is having a baby. I know how this feels from other experiences, and it doesn’t feel to good. So I am going to share my ideas on how to cope.

First of all, don’t think too much about it. If you do, you get a bit overwhelmed, and that’s not great. Don’t be too angry at them. They can’t really undo this, and even if they hurt you and are doing this to start over or to spite you, it doesn’t help to be angry at them.

Second, if you hate the name they picked out…well, too bad for you. You cannot choose for them. They carefully chose the name they are giving their baby. You can always come up with a good nickname for them that you and the parent would be okay with.

And, third, if you like the baby and the name, good for you. There is no reason to be negative when the parent is giving life to that little person. It also really helps to be supportive and nice about it.

Thank you for listening.


Things To Do In Quarantine When You Are Bored

Virtual picnic with your friends. You could go onto google hangouts, send them an invite. Then, you could go get some food while on the video call with them, and you can all eat outside with each other in a virtual picnic.

Make home movies. I do this all the time with my sisters and my brother. Just come up with a funny concept, story, or idea for the film. Then film it in multiple videos. Then use an app to put the videos together, and VIOLA! There you have it, a home movie.

(P.S This is for my friends who read my blog. Shout out to them!)


Kids/Almost-Teen/Teen Shows I Recommend For Quarantine

Hi! So I know that during this quarantine, you have probably already watched all the shows that are popular. (Also, this post is just for kids and almost-teens and teens) I have some recommendations…even if a lot of people have watched them…

1# My Hero Academia: This show is very good, but the first two or three episodes are not the best. After the beginning, you will get so engrossed in this show. It is all about how a powerless boy becomes the greatest hero. You will have lots of trouble picking a favorite character because you will love them ALL. I HIGHLY recommend this show and give it five stars.

2# PSYCH: This show is from the early 2000’s, and is mostly for teens. It is all about a psychic detective with his sidekick/best friend who solve tons of cases, and it is very, very funny. The humor level in the show out of 100 is 110. It will surely make you happy and make you laugh, and you will love all the characters. I would give this show five stars, easy.

3# Phineas and Ferb: Even though this show is made for kids, it has humor that goes over most kids heads. The humor is very good, and even my mother and older siblings laugh very hard at it. A lot of people would never think to ever watch this show because it is for kids. In fact, some of my old friends made fun of it without ever getting the jokes. I would give this show five stars.

Thank you for listening.😊


Hiya Friend! (You Know Which One You Are)

Hiya Abby! Thank you so much for checking out my blog!!πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘Œ I know this quarantine makes it hard to communicate with each other, and thank you for trying to.

You are a great friend and a very funny person and you have helped me so much when I really need it. I have only known you since the end of last school year.

Thank you.


Perfect Dream

I was standing in my living room/kitchen/dining room when I start thinking of something.

What if all of this is one HUGE prank?

What I mean is, what if this whole coronavirus thing is all one huge April Fools prank? I know that April 1st has already past, but what if?

What if I just woke up and it was all a bad dream that my sister had to pinch me to wake me up? How wonderful that would be, right?


Great Ways to Communicate With Friends in Quarantine

You may be SUPER bored with no friends to hang out with and talk to, but there are more ways to communicate with them then seeing them physically. Here are some of them.

1# Snail Mail. Most of you have probably already started doing this like I have. Using the postal service is a great way to communicate because you have the excitement of checking the mail and seeing a letter with YOUR NAME ON IT!! You can always have fun decorating the letter and envelope with markers and colors. You can become pen-pals with your friends.

2# Car Trunks. You are probably confused and thinking “WOW, she’s really lost it.”, but here me out. If your parent or guardian and your friend’s parent or guardian says yes, you could both drive to the same place, open the trunks of the cars and sit in them, and talk to each other. I like this idea because you are actually seeing your friend, but you are not too close to each other.

3# Leaving notes on their doorstep. This option is much faster than mailing a letter to a friend, and they will most likely reply much quicker. It is pretty much ding-dong-ditching them, but with a purpose.

Thank you so much for reading, please comment any ideas if you have any.❀😊