My First Day Of Online School

Hi everyone! Today was my first day of school. And instead of in-person learning, we had online school. This year I got a teacher with my best friend, which is great. But for today and tomorrow we are just doing parent/kid meet-and-greet, and the teacher making sure everyone in our class has signed in. I’ll […]

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Tips for online school

Hi everyone! I am going to be writing about some tips for online school for kids and teachers. KIDS: 1# DO get your work done quickly because if you don’t, you will likely procrastinate. 2#DO find a good spot to set up your device that you are online schooling on.  Preferably one with good internet. […]

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The Winding down of Summer

I just wanted to talk about how there are less than two more weeks of summer. I don’t even know who my teacher is or who is in my class or what platform we are using for online school. But we still have 12 days to do whatever we want. 1# I would LOVE to […]

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Happy Anniversary, Blog!

Hi guys! I know I am 2 days late but… HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! May 27 was my 1 year anniversary with this blog. Isn’t it great? I will leave links to all my posts from 2019 in the next paragraph, then in my next post I will put the rest of the links. (It’s going to […]

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New Humans In Your Family

When one of your family members (even if they are not immediate) has a baby, you can either feel super happy, or super not-so-happy. My cousin Gaby just had a baby. She had a baby boy, but I am going to make up a name for him so he doesn’t get revealed. Let’s call him…Rafael. […]

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