I am ten years old, I have 4 siblings, 2 dogs, and I love to blog. I know most people think kids are dumb, but they really aren’t. We mostly just tend to listen and think. I am here to prove them wrong. Thank you. Goodbye 👋

My Random Thoughts/Ideas

I have a lot of random ideas. So, now I just decided to write them down. 1# Why hasn’t anyone invented flying cars? Honestly, though. We figured out how to go to space, and how to make electric cars, so how did we NOT figure out how to get flying cars working? I mean, it […]


New Years Random Ideas

So, New Years is only two days away, and if you are a youngest sibling whose older siblings are having friends who are way older than you, and you will be very bored, than these ideas are for you. 1# Watching “Avengers: Infinity War” at exactly 9:48:54 pm. This will be awesome because at midnight, […]


Crazy Christmas Stories

So, these are some crazy Christmas stories……yeah. There are only 2 stories, just so you know. ( This is gonna be a very short post. Also, sorry for not posting in a while.) 1# So, today was our caroling party. And my friend Tori was there. ( P.S. Shout out to my homies, Sadie and […]


Side Characters

I am a side character. When my older siblings have friends over, I sit and wait for them to leave, listening to their conversations. One of my sister’s, while another sibling had friends over told me that she was not used to this. She was not used to being along the lines. She was not […]