Tips for online school

Hi everyone! I am going to be writing about some tips for online school for kids and teachers.


1# DO get your work done quickly because if you don’t, you will likely procrastinate.

2#DO find a good spot to set up your device that you are online schooling on.  Preferably one with good internet.

3# DO wake up at the time your teacher(s) assign work. Then you will be able to get it done a little after they post the assignment. 

4# DO find a good pair of headphones so then your teacher or the video you are watching doesn’t get shared to the world.


1# DO use an accessible website for classes and meetings like ‘Google Meet’  

2# Add assignments that don’t have to use any equipment because a lot of kids don’t have all the stuff for P.E.

3# Do not add assignments that are boring. If you do, kids are likely to procrastinate and do their work at the deadline, or after the deadline.

4# Use movies and videos to teach. Use them for concepts such as ‘similes and metaphors’ or junk like that ( I like similes and metaphors, I promise.)

Thanks for listening!


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