5 things you should NEVER say to your kids

5. ” You’re such a disappointment.” NEVER say this to your kids because it REALLY discourages them, and they could come to hate you for saying that. Honestly, you really ought not to say this because it is VERY disrespectful.

4. ” I don’t believe you.” You should not say this to your kids because just knowing their parent or guardian believes in them makes them feel good, and motivates them to finish whatever they are doing and it makes them feel like their ideas are good.

3. ” Why can’t you be more like your brother/sister? ” Comparisons are just a waste of your precious time. All it does is make your kids sad or mad at you. This also glorifies the other sibling, and they will probably tease, make fun of, or brag to the sibling who was told that.

2. ” Nothing.” This is one of the worst punishments you can give to your child. It makes them feel as if they did something so horrible and that they deserve it. And most of the time parents, when using the silent treatment, will give frowns instead of words

1.” You’re a bad kid.” Saying this to your kid really makes them sad and mad, and they will probably start crying. Do you want a crying child? I would not.

Well, these were 5 Things Not To Say To Your Kid.

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