Ways to Be a Good Friend

This blog is for the people who need help getting more friends or want to be a better friend. I am only doing this because I have a friend who could definitely be a better one. First, I’ll tell you how to tell if your friends are annoyed at you.

1# If they give you glares, or they start pushing their mouth up they are annoyed at you. 2#If they start talking to you with a tone, or ( now, everyone should know this one…) they start to groan when you say something. 3# If they start to whisper and then say they can’t tell you, they SERIOUSLY are annoyed.

Now I’m going to talk about what to start to act like to see if they are nicer to you.

Start to be nicer. Don’t call them names, especially names like ” idiot ”, ” stupids ” and ” Do-do’s ” This will guarantee that they will stop liking you .

Don’t yell all the time ( I am specifically writing this for one of my friends because she does all of the ones I am listing. I’m not sure how she still has any friends.) Most of your friends will walk away and try to leave to get away from the noise.

Don’t be rude by cutting in between two friends sitting together, and don’t interrupt someone when they are speaking.

Thank you for listening, and if you are one of those friends, try to listen to what I wrote.

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